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Cup Lids


Dart® Translucent Vented Food Container Lid

Use with 32AJ32, 32TJ32, 44AJ32, 44TJ32, 60AJ32, 8SJ32, 16MJ32, 12B32.  5/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #32JL

Dart® Conex® Lid for 5N25, 7N25, 7K25

Translucent.  25/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #L7N25

Dart® Lift n' Lock™ Lids

Closing tab helps avoid spills. Great for coffee, soft drinks, shakes, juice, tea, or water. Available in white or translucent.
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Dart® Translucent Straw Slotted Lids

Available to fit all Dart cups.
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Dart® White Vented Lids

Available for 6 oz. to 12 oz. cups.
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Dart® Cappuccino Lid - White

Available white and black in various sizes. Elevated platform reduces chance of spills.  10/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #16EL

Dart® Clear Dome Lid w/1.5" Hole

Use with 12J16, 14J16, 16J16, 20J16, 24J16, 12X16, 16X16, 20X16, 24X16.  20/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #16LCDH

Dart® Clear Dome Lid w/Hole

Use with 32AJ20, 8SJ20, 12SJ20, 16MJ20, 5B20, 6B20, 8B20, 10B20.  20/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #20LCDH

Dart® Conex Translucent Straw Slotted Lids

Available in various sizes.
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Dart® Conex® Non-Vented Lid For 9CS, 12CS

Available dome and straw slotted. Snap tight lids fit securely to protect contents.  10/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #L12CSNV