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Food Service Specialty Cleaners


Spartan Freezer Cleaner FP - 5 Gal.

Solvent-detergent blend removes dirt, grime, fat and grease down to -40 degrees F. pH: 10.0 - 11.0. Dilution: Straight to 25 oz./gal.  ea
Manufacturers Item #3128-5

Spartan Foaming Acid Cleaner FP - 5 Gal.

Phosphoric acid based with high foamers for use in dairy & food processing. Removes milkstone & beerstone from stainless steel & other acid resistant surfaces. pH: <1.0. Dilution: 1-10 oz./gal.  ea
Manufacturers Item #3081-5

Maxim® Fresh Fryer Deep Fat Fry Cleaner - 8 lb. Jar

Powerful alkaline powder for the removal of grease, fats and oils from deep fryers. Effective in all water conditions.  ea
Manufacturers Item #271100-75

Spartan Foaming Caustic Cleaner FP - 55 Gal.

A high foam, high alkaline, liquid concentrate. pH: 14. Dilution: 1-12 oz./gal.  ea
Manufacturers Item #3179-55

Spartan Peroxy Protein Remover/Cleaner/Whitener

Formulated specifically for food handling, food processing and food service operations. A hydrogen peroxide based cleaner designed to remove proteins and whiten protein stains from all types of food preparation surfaces. The product is water thin. Pale blue in color.
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