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Misty® 2 Plus 2 Herbicide - 50 lb.

Two powerful herbicides combine to form a double action “time released” granular soil sterilant. Granular, ready-to-use, systemic kill (roots and foliage). Sterilant/non-selective.  ea
Manufacturers Item #B0058250

Misty® Ex-It Emulsifiable Concentrate - 5 Gal.

Liquid weed killer is composed of 5-bromo-3-sec-butyl-6-methyluracil (bromacil) in a phytotoxic oil. Produces rapid top kill of all succulent vegetation.  ea
Manufacturers Item #B005845G

Misty® Glypho Kill RTU - Gal.

This nonflammable product is the ideal multipurpose, nonselective, weed and grass killer when safety and flexibility are a concern. Waterbased. Capable of being applied any time of year. Contains 0.96% glyphosate.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #B0057504G

Misty® Repco Kill III

This product is a specially formulated non-selective vegetation killer for controlling a wide range of annual and perennial weeds and grasses. Apply undiluted as a spray on non-cropland areas where bare ground is desired. Control will vary with the amount of chemical applied, soil type, rainfall and other conditions. This product is non-corrosive to metal surfaces. Especially compounded for industrial and municipal weed control. RTU gallon treats up to 1000 ft 4. 1.09% 2, 4-D Ester with 0.98% Bromacil.
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Misty® Weedtrol CF

This herbicide can be used to kill above ground weed growth around buildings and other installations, ornamental gardens, walkways, patios, beneath greenhouse benches, fence lines, golf courses, parkways and driveways for control of undesirable broadleaved and grassy weeds. As an aquatic herbicide, this product may be used to control floating weeds, submerged weeds, and marginal weeds infesting the edges of ponds, lakes, and ditches. This herbicide can be used to kill above ground weed growth. Nonsterilants - Nonselective. Water-based, concentrate. 4.35% Diquat Dibromide.
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