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Food Storage Bags


Elkay® Side Gusset Bags

Gusseted general utility plastic bags are used for storage and transport packaging of items where bag volume must expand to comfortably accommodate the contents. They can be used for virtually any general industrial packaging application, but are especially well suited to handle bulky products, components or raw materials. Open-ended bags can be taped shut, heat sealed or closed with a twist tie. Elkay gusseted polyethylene bags comply with FDA requirements for food contact.
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Elkay® TUF-R® Linear Low Density Gusset Bags

Tuf-R® Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) bags provide extra strength and puncture resistance compared to low density bags of the same gauge. Because of this, it's often possible to use a lighter gauge Tuf-R® bag to do the job of a heavier gauge LDPE bag, which saves money and helps to reduce the environmental impact. Tuf-R® bags are made from virgin materials, so they comply with USDA and FDA requirements for use in food applications.
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Heritage Bag Food & Utility Bag - 8x3x15, Regular

Clear bags available in regular to extra heavy grades.  1000/cs
Manufacturers Item #F1115RC