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Powder & Granular Deodorant


Big D® Deodorant Powder - 1 lb., Lemon

Should be used wherever the application of a liquid deodorant isn't practical or the presence of moisture must be avoided. It has strong deodorizing properties that work well in neutralizing odors in dumpsters, as well as on carpets. This fine, crystalline powder is specially formulated in a dry manufacturing process. Sprinkle on area, leave on for 5-10 minutes, & then vacuum or brush away.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #152

Big D® D'Vour - 1 lb.

Devours liquids such as spilled bodily fluids, as it eliminates odor. Manufactured with a special polymer which, when sprinkled lightly on liquid, transforms it in seconds to an odorless semi-solid mass for fast, easy cleanups! Absorbs 100 times its weight. Ideal for spills in grocery stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities or schools. Will absorb 100 times its weight.  6/cs
Manufacturers Item #166

Big D® Granular Deodorant - 1 lb.

Designed to be used on effected areas such as vomit, feces, wet garbage and the like. Excellent for garbage cans, dumpsters, pet shops and kennels. May also be mixed with sand in smoking stands or used as cat litter. For use in schools, hospitality, health care, carpet, pet odors, industrial. Cost effective deodorant made of special odor-killing, moisture-absorbing clay. Sprinkle on spill or mess, then vacuum or sweep away. Destroys odors and absorbs moisture in one operation!  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #150

Maxim® Granular Deodorant - 1 lb. Bag

Ideal for deodorizing trash cans, disposal trucks, dumpsters, garbage dumps, sludge drying beds, and applications where long-lasting odor protection is desired. Excellent for occasional vomit spill, doubles as absorbent. Granular product absorbs liquids on contact.  25/cs
Manufacturers Item #010100-25