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3M™ 3600 Eraser™ Burnish Pad - 20"

3M™ 3600 Eraser™ Burnish Pad - 20"

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Americo Maroon EcoPrep "EPP" Floor Pad - 20"

This thin line pad is designed to be used, wet or dry, for removal of floor finish without the use of harsh stripping chemicals. Excellent for repairing acrylic or urethane finishes for recoating.

Manufacturers Item #420720

Claire® Metered Air Freshener - Mega Mango

Formulated with Ordenone™ Odor Neutralizer. Ordenone™ does not mask the odor, but eliminates it. Eliminates smoke and other malodors. Effective in areas up to 6000 cubic feet. Contains more than 3000 metered releases. Dry formula means no messy fall-out on counters and floors.

Manufacturers Item #C-116