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Abco 4 Ply Cotton Cut-End Screw Type Mop - 16 oz.

Abco 4 Ply Cotton Cut-End Screw Type Mop - 16 oz.

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Abco Screw Type Rayon Cut-End Mop - 20 oz.

Engineered to fit screw style mop sticks; the 4 ply design of the synthetic mop fans flat on the floor surface for efficient mopping, a good choice for general cleaning. Metal band. Recommended for use with 01209, 01210 handles. Narrow band.

Manufacturers Item #RM-32020

GP Pro™ Brawny® Professional D300 DRC Wiper- 9.25"x16"

Super absorbent, DRC quickly soaks up water and oil and effectively cleans grease and grime. Use dispenser: 50313, 54912; Tall dispenser box.

Manufacturers Item #20075

Jadcore Linear Low Density Star Seal - 38 x 58, 1.5 mil

Black opaque star seal can liners will virtually eliminate leaks, and conforms better to the shape of the waste receptacle by spreading refuse around the can liner.

Manufacturers Item #385815B

Spartan Lite'n Foamy® Foaming Pearlux - Gal.

A high end, designer type hand, hair and body wash formulated for luxurious foam delivery through Spartan's Lite 'N Foamy Dispenser. Milky white in color, pleasing fragrance. Low viscosity.

Manufacturers Item #3151-1