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Abco 4 Ply Cotton Cut-End Screw Type Mop - 16 oz.

Abco 4 Ply Cotton Cut-End Screw Type Mop - 16 oz.

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Abco Fan Blended Maid Broom

Durable, lightweight and ideal for housekeeping use when sweeping most floor surfaces. Fan style firmly secured to durable black handle. Stitch: 3 rows. Handle: 42" x 7/8", Black.

Manufacturers Item #00311NB

Golden Star® Invincible Dust Mop - Set-O-Swiv® 48

An industry standard, the Invincible™ dust mop's ends act like dust catchers to remove even the finest dirt particles. Great everyday mop, that won't snag like a looped end mop. Polyester backing won't shrink or fray with launderings. Standard 4 ply Natural Cotton Yarn. Fully launderable in fully loaded, non-agitator machines.

Manufacturers Item #ARR48IN

Impact® Basic Gator™ Container - 55 Gal., Gray

Polyethylene resin, molded in one piece for high impact and crush resistance. With lid locked, container is animal and spill resistant even if tipped over. Offset ridge design allows container to nest without jams. 26 3/4" Dia. X 33" H.

Manufacturers Item #7755-3

Impact® Plastic Rotary Pump

Lightweight, chemical- resistant, corrosion-resistant rotary pump. For petroleum products, water based chemicals, acids & alkali solutions. 9" W x 6" D.

Manufacturers Item #2206

Spartan Lite'n Foamy® Foaming Pearlux - Gal.

A high end, designer type hand, hair and body wash formulated for luxurious foam delivery through Spartan's Lite 'N Foamy Dispenser. Milky white in color, pleasing fragrance. Low viscosity.

Manufacturers Item #3151-1

Abco Screw Type Rayon Cut-End Mop - 20 oz.

Engineered to fit screw style mop sticks; the 4 ply design of the synthetic mop fans flat on the floor surface for efficient mopping, a good choice for general cleaning. Metal band. Recommended for use with 01209, 01210 handles. Narrow band.

Manufacturers Item #RM-32020

Jadcore Linear Low Density Star Seal - 38 x 58, 1.5 mil

Black opaque star seal can liners will virtually eliminate leaks, and conforms better to the shape of the waste receptacle by spreading refuse around the can liner.

Manufacturers Item #385815B

GP Pro™ Brawny® Professional D300 DRC Wiper- 9.25"x16"

Super absorbent, DRC quickly soaks up water and oil and effectively cleans grease and grime. Use dispenser: 50313, 54912; Tall dispenser box.

Manufacturers Item #20075