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Auto & Walk Behind Scrubbers


Advance Convertamatic® 26D Auto Scrubber - 26", Disc, AXP

All Convertamatics come standard with an integrated Smart Solutions™ system that allows the machine to operate for 1 hour and 20 minutes per dump & refill cycle with the Convertamatic's 20 gallon solution and recovery tanks. At the same time, the integrated Smart Solutions™ system features pre-set scrub settings that combine solution flow and scrub pressure into simple operator selections for regular, heavy, or extreme scrubbing conditions. The combination of these features makes the convertamatic® the ultimate in One-touch™ operation for instant training, increased safety, consistent performance, and maximum run-time. Soft-Touch™ Paddle System allows operators to depress drive paddle directly to the handle bar without pinching fingers. (2) 0.50 hp scrub motors, 0.75 hp, 3 stage vacuum motor.  ea
Manufacturers Item #56315025

Advance Adfinity™ 20ST Automatic Scrubber - 20", 105AH

Designed to increase cleaning productivity, and features multiple pad pressure settings to maximize run time, yet still offer more pressure when cleaning highly-soiled areas. Features Smart Solutions™ flow rate, which is engineered to provide the longest run time, over 1 hour, on the floor between dumping and refilling. One-Touch™ operation makes the Adfinity scrubber easy to learn and easy to use. Pad/brush assist.  ea
Manufacturers Item #56316325

Advance Adfinity™ 20D/X20D/X20C/X24D Automatic Scrubbers

Equipped with forward and reverse traction drive and an ergonomic and safe paddle design for extra operator comfort. Great addition to any green cleaning program. Smart Solutions™ flow rate. X20D, X20C, X24D models have AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System. Traction drive for increased productivity. One-Touch™ operation makes the Adfinity scrubber easy to learn and easy to use. 0.3 hp variable forward and reverse. Max speed 3.5 mph, 16% gradeability.
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Advance Adfinity™ X20R REV™ Orbital - 20", 130 AH

In a single pass, our exclusive Random Orbital Scrubbing technology scrubs deeper and more uniformly, leaving your floors with a perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks. The first and only floor scrubber that scrubs with distinct orbital and rotational motions: high speed 1/4" micro scrubbing and 20" rotational low speed macro scrubbing. This powerful, combination delivers a uniform, non-swirled floor surface while using far less water and chemicals. You can remove multiple coats of old floor finish in a single pass, with no chemicals at all, leaving floors ready for restoration. EcoFlex™ system effortlessly switch between water-only cleaning or different cleaning intensities. Reduce chemical usage, labor costs, and environmental impact. Standard features include random orbital scrubbing, EcoFlex™ System, traction drive and a onboard charger. Squeegee width: 29.9". Solution tank: 10.5 gal./Recovery tank: 10.5 gal.  ea
Manufacturers Item #56390052

Advance Adphibian™ Multi-Surface Extractor/Scrubber-250AH

Operators are able to switch between pre-spraying and extracting at the push of a button. A 30 second tools-free changeover lets operators switch between using a full-functioning carpet extractor and a full-functioning cylindrical scrubber with patent-pending technology. Even the special anti-microbial brushes are designed to work on all surface types. The patented AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System lets the operator choose the perfect cleaning solution for all floor surfaces. And the machine's ease-of-use means fast training and consistent cleaning performance by all of your operators. The Adphibian multi-surface machine is the first of its kind to be awarded the CRI Seal of Approval for low-moisture and deep-cleaning extraction. Dual 3 stage bypass vacuum motor. Dual 1/2 hp permanent magnet brush motor.  ea
Manufacturers Item #56317010

Advance Micromatic™ M13E Walk-Behind Scrubber - 13"

A 13" cord-electric scrubber with removable solution and recovery tanks. The dual disc scrub brushes deliver 33 pounds of constant down pressure. Vac motor: 0.60 hp. Scrub Motor: 0.13 hp. Scrub Type: Dual 6.5" disc brushes.  ea
Manufacturers Item #9087233020

Advance Micromatic™ M17B Walk-Behind Scrubber - Battery

Provides an excellent alternative to mopping and is ideal for cleaning small spaces such as gas stations, schools, and healthcare facilities that require less than 2 hours of scrubbing per day. Available in battery and electric models. Easy to use and maneuver with little or no training. Compact size and built-in transport wheel make it easily transportable from facility to facility. 39.4" L x 22.4" W x 33.1" H (top of tank). 17" scrub path.  ea
Manufacturers Item #56302330

Advance SC450™ Battery Operated Scrubber - 105AH

Designed with simple and intuitive controls, it ensures easy operator training. A unique two-button control panel allows users to quickly switch between scrub and vacuum functions. For enhanced ease-of-use, the vacuum motor automatically shuts off when the tank is full to prevent overflow, while the brushes and water turn off while the machine is in neutral. A safety on/off switch is located on the handle for operator convenience, enabling a quick shut down if needed. Featuring open access to all critical machine components for easy maintenance. Max Speed: 3 mph; Voltage: 24V; IP Protection Class: IPX4. Insulation Class: I; Brush Motor: 480 W. Vacuum motor power: 330 W; Scrubbing width: 20".  ea
Manufacturers Item #56383128

Advance SC750™ Walk-Behind Scrubbers

High productivity per tankful allows for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, which reduces dump/refill cycles and helps provide fast ROI. Available with EcoFlex™ System which offers the flexibility to clean across the entire cleaning spectrum from green to clean. At the touch of a button one can switch from chemical free cleaning to using an ultra low dilution ration, and of course detergent can be used at full strength for the toughest of soils. ST models have on/off palm switches, mechanical switch controls and 7-segment display. Safe 'N Dry™ squeegee system provides 100% water pick up. One-Touch™ integrated scrub pressure and solution flow rate settings. Motor: 0.66 hp; 3-stage; Waterlift: 51.2".
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