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Dust Mops


Abco Natural Disposable Dust Mops

Available in 18" to 48" sizes. Pre-treated. Color: White.
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Abco Prima Looped-End Blue Dust Mop - 24"

5" wide, loop-end, tufted dust mops are launderable for repeated use.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #DM-26524

Carlisle Value Line Tie Back Dust Mop - 5" x 36"

An economical choice for a cotton dust mop with full tie back. 3" and 5" sizes in four popular widths.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #364753600

Golden Star® Barricade® Dust Mops

Built in antimicrobial protection makes this dust mop excellent for hospitals, restaurants, schools or any environment where sanitation is the ultimate priority. Resists the growth of bacteria, reducing the potential for odor, and enhancing mop life. Synthetic orange backing. Safely laundered in any machine.
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Golden Star® Invincible™ Dust Mops

An industry standard, the Invincible™ dust mop's ends act like dust catchers to remove even the finest dirt particles. Great everyday mop, that won't snag like a looped end mop. Polyester backing won't shrink or fray with launderings. Standard 4 ply Natural Cotton Yarn. Fully launderable in fully loaded, non-agitator machines.
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Impact® MicroScrub™ Microfiber Duster - 16"

Economical hand duster. Head is 100% microfiber. Split strands grab and hold dirt much better than traditional dusters. Hand washable. Safe to use on delicate items, will not scratch. Green/White.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #3147

Rubbermaid® Blue Twisted Loop Synthetic Dust Mop - 36"

A premium line of pre-laundered dust mops for maximum durability and optimal cleaning performance. No snagging, fraying, or unraveling. Slip on/slip through backing for easy set-up. Durable polyester backing designed for printing that will not launder out.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #J355

Rubbermaid® Kut-A-Way® Dust Mops

Excellent for general purpose dust mopping. Pre-laundered and pre-shrunk. Launderable for long product life. Covers 50,000 square feet between laundering. Envelope-end backing style.
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Rubbermaid® Trapper® Dust Mops

Looped-end, balanced blend dust mop for general purpose. Pre-treated, pre-shrunk and fully launderable for long product life. Slip-on backing for easy setup. Yellow.
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Rubbermaid® Wedge Mop System

For spot dust mopping in tight corners, under equipment or behind furniture. Trapper® looped-end or Kut-A-Way® cut-end triangle shaped wedge mops. Wood handle with heavy gauge plated wire frame fits either style head. Envelope-end backing style.
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Tuway™ Flat Looped Dust Mop Pads

Traditional looped end microfiber dust mop makes mopping easy and efficient. Lightweight and super absorbent, these durable launderable mops offer superior cleaning and lint free productivity. Ideal for use anywhere a conventional looped dust mop is used. Microfiber 80/20 yarn blend, twisted loop weave. Polyester slant slip backing or nylon loop velcro backing.
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