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Hoses & Nozzles


Impact® Heavy-Duty Industrial Rubber Hose

Useable up to 125 PSI and 180°F. Machine brass coupling ensure a tight seal to fittings and attachments. 500 lb. maximum burst strength. Kink-resistant. 50' L x 5/8" Inner Dia.  ea
Manufacturers Item #7650

Impact® Heavy-Duty Insulated Nozzle

Pairs perfectly with the #7650 hose for general cleaning needs. Solid brass nozzle with built-in rubber guard. Adjustable valve components; works with #7504. Will work with hot water up to 180°F and 125 PSI.  ea
Manufacturers Item #7649

Unger® 6' Eazy Adapter Hose

Adapter hose for dual-compartment bucket. Fits onto standard faucet. Allows for convenient filling of bucket on-site. Hose remains firmly in place, will not detach from faucet.  10/cs
Manufacturers Item #WH180