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Bobrick B-165 Series Framed Mirror - 18" x 30"

Sizes from 16 x 20 to 72 x 36. One-piece channel frame is 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" with bright polished finish and mitered corners. Phillips-head frame screw permits easy replacement of mirror. Back is galvanized steel.  ea
Manufacturers Item #B-1651830

Bobrick B-166 Series Mirror/Shelf Combination

Sizes from 16 x 20 to 24 x36. Theft-resistant channel-frame mirror with one-piece type-304, satin-finish stainless steel shelf. Shelf projects 5" & has 3/8" return edges on front & sides. Front return edge hemmed for maximum rigidity.
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Bobrick B-293 Series Tilt Mirror - 16" x 30"

Sizes 16 x 20 to 24 x 36. Frame is type-304 stainless steel, satin-finish. Provide visibility for wheelchair patients. Special bevel design hugs mirror.  ea
Manufacturers Item #B-2931630